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Dr. Rad still currently my Foreign Legal Attorney , is the Beacon of Hope to me as a client for several years . At a time when my options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolutions seemed high on impossible ! I called the office of Dr. Rad Law Firm, in the several years defending me against false processes by wicked souls for a family inheritance Greed , I was worried I would lose everything,! but , not only was he able to defend me and give me Real Expert Advice from an unjust that was done to me , his calm and empathetic demeanor offered Emotional Support Professionally and most Importantly Genuine. Dr. Rad as my Lawyer got my case sorted out after just a couple of meetings and still is working diligently protecting me with my challenges in my case .!! I am Eternally Grateful for Dr. Rad services as my Attorney and I hereby highly Recommend Dr. Rad as an Excellent Attorney at Law for your Peace of Mind .

A. Balouch

“My experience with Artemis was great. They are very knowledgeable and honest and trustworthy. I would recommend Artemis to many people.

Alice K

“Thank you Mr. Rad for all your help and patience through this complicated journey. Your wisdom and resourcefulness was what made our difficult case come to a success. Your professional team members were always available for us.

F. D.


Construction and Real Estate Attorneys

Los Angeles | San Diego

Whether you’re building a whole new property or simply updating your bathroom, you’re likely going to hire a contractor of some sort to do the job. That’s where we come in. Having a construction attorney San Diego to represent your best interests in a construction-related issue is key to a successful project.

What Does a Construction Attorney Do?

A construction lawyer is there to help either the property owners/managers or the subcontractors, general contractors, architects, or suppliers in construction-related matters. They handle workmanship issues, payment construction disputes, contract drafting, construction defects Los Angeles, claim submissions, construction disputes Los Angeles and more. A construction attorney in San Diego and Los Angeles will work proactively to help you avoid legal issues related to regulatory guidelines and liability, and they will also help you deal with legal conflicts as they arise.

Construction lawyers have an expert understanding of both construction and construction law. This means that they can advise you at all stages of a project to ensure that no details are overlooked. Here are some services that a construction attorney San Diego generally provides:

  • Construction defects
  • Mechanics’ Lien Claims
  • Delay claims
  • Design defects
  • Accidents and Catastrophic Failures
  • Warranty claims
  • Breach of contract
  • Insurance issues
  • Licensing Complaints
  • Payment Protection

When Do I Need a Construction Attorney?

There are many different instances when one might consider hiring a construction attorney San Diego or a real estate lawyer in LA.  If you’re working on a construction contract for an upcoming project, a construction lawyer can be useful because they’re well-versed in which clauses could carry unnecessary risks or increase your liability.  It’s always a prudent idea to have an attorney look over your contract so that you don’t run into avoidable issues down the line.

You will also want to be represented by experienced construction lawyers if you go to court.  Whether you’re named in a lawsuit, involved in a lien, or part of a defective construction claim, you’ll want someone on your side looking out for your best interests.

Construction lawyers know the ins and outs of the legal process, understand the legal jargon, and have ample experience with arguing cases in court.  Even in situations where you’re legally allowed to represent yourself, hiring a construction attorney or real estate lawyer is usually the most pragmatic option to ensure you don’t miss out on the compensation you deserve.

Furthermore, if you’ve worked on a construction project and have not been paid the negotiated amount, our real estate and construction attorneys in Southern California, San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles can help you secure the amount you are owed.  Equipment, labor, and materials are costly and it’s important to make sure they are properly covered in the initial contract.  A lawyer can help you go after any unpaid sums either through a civil suit, a mechanic’s lien, or other claims.  They can also defend you if a claim for payment is made against you.

Our team has years of experience with construction law and we’re committed to helping our clients overcome their legal obstacles. If you’ve done work on a home and are now facing legal trouble, contact us to discuss your case.  We will advise you of the best path forward for your specific situation so that you can get the most valuable outcome that meets your needs.