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Mansour Jafarian, Esq.

Mansour Jafarian is a licensed attorney by the State Bar of California, as well as managing partner at ARTEMIS.

Versatile Legal Expert

Mansour studied law for more than 12 years in different countries and graduated with LL.B., M.A., J.D., and LL.M. Mansour has practiced more than 30 years in legal field as an in-house counsel, attorney at law, legal adviser, managing partner, and professor. During his career, he has advised a wide range of businesses among them companies in petrochemical, mining, export-import, construction, and retail fields.

Dedicated Legal Advocacy for Optimal Results

Mansour is devoted to assist and represent clients to get the best result in their legal problems, both legally and financially.

Mansour Jafarian, Esq.

Having worked as a former legal adviser for 11 years with the United Nations, and having the experience of working in and with other countries, Mansour has strong communication skills which allows him to settle the cases amicably and before taking them to court, though he has no hesitation to take cases to court to serve the best interests of his clients.

Mansour was also an active instructor of law at the UCLA Extension and at the Max Planck Foundation. Having taught multiple legal courses has provided him the opportunity to stay up to date on the latest changes in his fields of practice.

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For more than 30 years, Mansour has helped clients overcome their legal obstacles. No matter how complicated or challenging your case may be, he will represent your interests through to a successful outcome.

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