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Artemis Law Group focuses on construction, real estate, and business law. Founded by two partners with seven law degrees, and over three decades of combined experience, our boutique firm in Los Angeles and San Diego embodies the qualities of the ancient Greek goddess Artemis—sharp focus, resilience, and a commitment to never miss the mark.

Our Mission & Vision

Artemis Law Group, APLC, prides itself in their premier legal advocates who are dedicated to construction, real estate, and business law in California. With a commitment to excellence, we guide our clients through the complexities of construction disputes, real estate transactions, and business documents with precision and care. Our dedication lies in understanding the unique needs of each client, ensuring that we provide tailored solutions that align with their goals and circumstances.

At Artemis Law Group, APLC, our mission is clear: to fight relentlessly for our clients and help them navigate legal landscapes with confidence.

Mansour Jafarian, Esq., Managing Partner

Mansour Jafarian, the managing partner at Artemis, offers a wealth of legal insight garnered from his various diverse roles. He has worked as a former legal adviser with the United Nations. He has worked as an in-house counsel, attorney at law, legal adviser, managing partner, and professor, and he has advised businesses across various industries, including petrochemical, mining, export-import, construction, and retail. He is committed to securing the best outcomes for his clients, both legally and financially.

Russell M. Rad, Esq., Partner

Russell M. Rad is a dual jurisdiction attorney with specialized expertise in construction, business and real estate law. Significantly, he has been a key factor in enhancing our firm’s capacity to handle complex legal challenges in these sectors. His proficiency in analytical problem-solving methods plays a key role in securing positive outcomes for our clients. He has served as a consultant for construction and energy companies, retail businesses, and other commercial entities, showcasing his ability to navigate and resolve disputes, ensuring advantageous results for our clients.

Like Artemis, We Aim & Never Miss

Artemis Law Group is named after the revered goddess of the hunt, Artemis. Just as Artemis wielded her bow and arrow with precision, we approach each case with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that no aspect goes overlooked. Our dedication to accuracy and thoroughness is matched only by our determination to protect the interests of those we represent. Our promise is simple: to aim for excellence and never falter. With Artemis Law Group, you can trust in our resolve to hit the mark every time.

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Artemis Law Group is led by expert construction, real estate and business attorneys who provide personalized legal solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you require guidance on construction defects, real estate transactions, business law, or litigation matters, our team works closely to help you secure the outcomes you want. Our attorneys are incredibly responsive and work directly with our clients through every stage of the process. Contact us now to schedule your consultation and explore your legal options.

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