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Construction Dispute Attorney Los Angeles

Construction Dispute Attorney Los Angeles

Construction projects typically involve a variety of specialists, from contractors and electricians to architects and designers.  With so many different parties involved, disputes are likely to occur.  In fact, it’s rare to see a project completed without at least one dispute!  When a disagreement arises, it’s important you have a construction dispute attorney Los Angeles by your side to stand up for your interests and help protect you from liability.

What Is a Construction Dispute?

A construction dispute is a disagreement between two or more parties involved in a construction project. A construction dispute attorney Los Angeles is vital to dealing with a dispute because these disagreements are complex and can have a number of causes, including:

Delay Claims

The completion of the project or part of the project is delayed, causing increased labor costs, equipment costs, and changes to schedules.  This can lead to a lawsuit for damages caused by the delay.

Change in Work

If there are changes in the scope of work due to errors, omissions, or financing problems, parties will likely argue over who should incur the extra costs that come with all the necessary changes.

Construction & Design Defects

If there is a defect with the workmanship, with the original designs, or with the materials used, it could lead to major delays and changes in the scope of work as the defect needs addressed.  Having a construction dispute attorney Los Angeles on your side during the ensuing arguments is crucial.

Unforeseen Site Conditions

Many construction sites have unforeseen conditions that can lead to delays or problems with the construction process.  This will likely lead to requests for extensions as well as further compensation to deal with the issue that was not disclosed, resulting in a dispute over who should cover the costs.

Payment Disputes

If one party misreads the contract or fails to pay another party due to lack of financing or dissatisfaction with the work, a payment dispute will occur.  Payment disputes also usually accompany all other disputes.

Failure to Fulfill Construction Standards

If a project is not completed according to specifications, a party can be sued for a contractual breach or an implied warranty breach.  A construction dispute attorney Los Angeles can advise you on whether you have grounds for a claim and how to approach the situation.

When a construction dispute arises, it can lead to further delays and cause other issues with the work.  Even if there is an initial dispute between a contractor and a subcontractor, the problem can affect other parties like the owner or the architect if the party with a claim against them seeks to blame someone else for the problem.  This means there can be multiple disputes going on at the same time.

What Can a Construction Dispute Attorney Do?

A construction dispute attorney Los Angeles can help you negotiate sound contracts that give you the most protection from liability when these situations arise.  A clear contract will also determine who is at fault when a dispute occurs, or it will lay out the method for resolving the dispute.

Negotiating is usually the first step in resolving a construction dispute if the contract does not explicitly determine who is at fault.  Negotiating can be followed by mediation, arbitration, or even litigation.  Each process has its own benefits so you’ll want to consult with a knowledgeable construction dispute attorney Los Angeles to find out what’s best for your specific circumstances.

Hiring a lawyer from the start can save you time and money later on when disputes arise.  Even if your contract is thorough, it’s important to have a construction dispute attorney Los Angeles by your side as the complexities in construction law can make resolving the disputes difficult.  An experienced law firm can help you navigate the process and protect your interests.  If you want to learn more about your options, contact our team to schedule a free consultation.

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